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Auto Glass & Tint offer a full range of tinting services for automotive, marine, commercial and residential buildings. As window tint professionals, our specialist range of tinting products provide enhanced UV light protection, improved comfort, reduced glare and increased privacy. 

We provide the very best tinting application service, free of both wrinkles and bubbles. We also use the best film available to help ensure excellent quality on your tint. Call today to get started on a free quote.

Automotive Tinting

Whether you’re going for looks or for function, window tinting is always a great investment for your vehicle. By applying tint, you protect not only your investment but yourself as well. Tinting rejects up to 99% of all ultraviolet rays, protecting your car’s interior and your eyes. It also helps keep your car cooler and makes it look cooler as well.

Marine Tinting

Tinting marine vessels is a tricky business. Because most vessels have larger windows with different angles and curves, the application can become difficult. That is why you should rely on our specially trained and experienced technicians to do a quality job for you. Offering the same benefits as automotive tinting, it will protect your vessel's interior, as well as the passengers from harmful UV rays, preserving expensive equipment and reducing glare from the sun.

Building Tinting

Increase privacy and regulate temperature in your home or office better with tinted windows. By tinting your windows in your home or business, you can reduce expensive energy costs by regulating the temperature better in the structure. Without sacrificing your view, tinting will reduce the annoying glare by up to 92% and UV rays by up to 99%. Our trained technicians can help you assess what best fits your home or office and your budget.

We Apply the Darkest Legal Tint Available

Whether you're looking to beat the heat, or looking for a little more privacy; we have the tools and experience to get the job done right. Call today to get started with a free quote.
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